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TruckSuvidha, an online platform connecting transporters, industries, logistics & truck drivers for the timely and effective communication, was created with a single purpose to utilize the available resources and provide an opportunity to boost business for existing players in the logistics industry.

TruckSuvidha Is Trying To Crack The $130 Billion Indian Trucking Industry

TruckSuvidha Team

Before the launch of TruckSuvidha, customers had to face a lot of difficulties to book the vehicle to transport the goods and his belongings. The process was manual with customer going and searching transporters in the city and looking for the best possible option available. It was time and money consuming both.

Launch of TruckSuvidha streamlined the trucking industry by putting transporters and customers on the single platform. The word Suvidha suggests to help. The idea is to bring about a change in the existing scenario and streamline the process of booking a truck by bringing all the players online. is an emerging company whose main aim is to link logistics with E-commerce and they are moving forward with their aim.

TruckSuvidha was launched in 1 august, 2014 by Amit Punaini and Ishu Bansal. Amit Punaini is a businessman by profession who is always passionate about new ventures. His vision is to make the use of technology to uplift the society led to this venture. With an aim to organize the unorganized sector he believes that change is for the good and we should adapt to it. Ishu Bansal is a software engineer by profession who had a vision to own a startup that makes a difference. As it is said like minds think alike, he with technical background and Amit with his resources are set on a path to bring about some change for the society.

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