Ustaad: Road Safety Awareness Programme

Road Safety Awareness programme organised at transport nagar of Muzaffarnagar (UP) on 8th September 2018 at 3 PM by TruckSuvidha and Sahib GPS Team.

On 8 September 2018, Road Safety awareness programme has been organised in muzaffarnagar (UP) in transport nagar. This Road Safety Awareness programme was a part of ustaad Campaign. This campaign has been initiated by TruckSuvidha in July 2018. This campaign is organized with an objective to improve the current condition of Indian truck Driver; to reduce road accidents by awaring them about road safety and to revive again the trend of slogan written behind trucks. Many renowned brands (Darcl logistics, Indifi, Freight India, Safe Express, Sahib GPS and many others) are also supporting our initiative.

Ustaad: Road Safety Awareness Programme at Muzaffarnagar

Ustaad: Road Safety Awareness Programme at Muzaffarnagar

In this awareness programme, all the transporters and truck operators of transport nagar at muzaffarnagar were invited to attend the programme. Event hall was full with the presence of members. This event was organised with the support of Sahib GPS. Team of Indifi (Our Sponsored partner) were also available in the event. This programme was started with the welcome note. Afterwards, Mr. Amit Punaini (CEO & MD of TruckSuvidha) introduced the transporters and operators with theVehicle trackingtechnology and explained them its uses in their working. Not only this, he also communicatedinformation on road safety while sharing his life experiencewhile travelling on road.

All the members were also actively involved in the programme. Their involvement helps us to know many more things about this Industry. Many of them, shared their real time problems while transporting the goods on roads. Aman Arora, (Indifi) shared the new way of taking working capital finance especially for Indian transporters. Afterwards, information on slogan writing competition shared with them and many truck operators and transporters took active participation. They not only listened about it but also shared their own meaningful and informational slogans with an aim of positive change in society.

Ustaad: Road Safety Programme at Muzaffarnagar

Ustaad: Road Safety Programme at Muzaffarnagar

Afterwards, organizing team honoured the transporters by giving shield to them for their excellence service in Indian trucking Industry. They felt very proud and happy to be part of this industry. Under road safety awareness programme, Information on first aid treatment while road accidents is also shared with them. Amit Punaini (CEO & MD of TruckSuvidha) also said in his speech that government has also made it mandatory to carry the first aid kit while driving for safety purpose. Everyone should follow this safety rule, for that TruckSuvidha distributed first Aid kit among truck operators and drivers.

Many truck operators shared their views with us that they need such type of awareness programme in future also. Their active participation in this awareness programme made it very successful. All the transporters, truck operators and members of Sahib GPS, TruckSuvidha and Indifi team thanked all the guests for their presence and sharing their views with us in the programme. At last, the programme was ended with the thank you speech given by Harwinder Singh (Owner of Sahib GPS).

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