Knowstartup featured TruckSuvidha: Redefining Indian Trucking Industry

Every business has a dependency on certain intrinsic and extrinsic factors. One such case is where business routinely suffers delays in shipment because of the reasons related to truck transporters. Every day of delay means a bigger loss for the company concerned. This is where TruckSuvidha comes into picture.

The Indian trucking industry is currently valued at $130 billion and there are approximately 5.6 Mn on road vehicles transporting 80% of the country’s freight. TruckSuvidha is a leading portal for the transport industry connecting transporters, truck drivers, customers and other related entities. There business model is driven by simplicity, speed and efficiency. They allow the users to share the information for expansion of services to the customers by providing better rates and vehicles.

TruckSuvidha was founded by Amit Punaini and Ishu Bansal in 2014 in Yamunanagar. Amit Punaini is a businessman by profession who is always passionate about new ventures. His vision to make the use of technology to uplift the society led to this venture. Ishu Bansal is a software engineer by profession and shares a similar passion as Amit, and both of them make a great duo. They have a team of 20-25 members for different profiles marketing & sales, technical, customer care executives, etc.


TruckSuvidha: Redefining Indian Trucking Industry

TruckSuvidha: Redefining Indian Trucking Industry

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