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Encouraged with the success of earlier Techmart India, NSIC was once again organised Techmart India (International Technology Fair) to showcase achievement of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises under one roof at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Honourable Union Minister Shri Kalraj Mishra inaugurated the 22nd edition of the event ‘Techmart India-2014’.The total area of hall no. 14 is 4890 sq. meters. In ‘Techmart India-2014’, the total no. of participants is 586. The event was basically a Technology Based Exhibition which mainly covers Packing and Packaging Machines and Products, Machines and Machine Tools, Information Technology, Agro and Food Processing Machines and Products, Handloom & handicrafts products, Electrical and Electronics Products, Auto Components and Industrial Products,etc.

Both foreign and domestic visitors visit at techmart. First five days was business days. The visitors are mainly from business class family. They generally came to explore new business opportunities & gaining some knowledge. After 18th November, the crowd of general public start coming. The ratio of children & women were more in general days. The visitors came with intention to buy something new and innovative products for their family. The people from different states participated in techmart to represent their states and with the hope to increase their business avenues. The fair also gives an occasion for a large number of trade deals. Many of the exhibitors participated first time in trade fair with the hope to boost their business. The enthusiasm of participants was very high and some of them were successful in selling their concept and products to the visitors.

Our company Sarvodaya ventures also participated in IITF to showcase our product Truck suvidha is a leading portal in transportation industry which provides platform to transporters and packers & movers to connect with customers. It aims at to eliminate the informational gap between the transporters, packers & movers and customers. We participated first time in IITF. We decided to place our stall at techmart because our product is new, innovative and IT based. We gained a very good experience in IITF.

In first five days, we observed that crowd was mainly of business people. The visitors of different businesses and of different designation came to our stall. They had shown their interest to our concept and also asked queries related to it. They also appreciated our concept. They said that they never yet heard about this kind of concept in India. After 18 November, crowd of general people start coming. Lots of visitors who likes our services want to get registered themselves with us. Some visitors were aggressive in nature and asked lots of queries but our team handle them very patiently. It was observed that there was heavy crowd of visitors in weekend days. We have distributed calendars, key rings and Mug to the visitors as a token of remembrance gift from our side. Other exhibitors of the techmart had also shown their interest in our services.

We observed there, everyone requires transportation for shifting their goods from one place to another. The transporters and the visitors who require transportation for moving goods showed their interest to know how our site actually works. The industrialist, manufacturers, traders and other people visit to our stall and ask the procedure of how to post load on Even, the neighboured stalls of techmart and IITF request us to arrange truck for 27 November. The visitors asked how they can become our member to take the benefits from our services.

Some of the visitors who came in trade fair in search of good investment opportunities showed their interest in taking franchisee of trucksuvidha. They found our concept so reliable and wanted to know the way of applying for franchisee. Even some of them called us after trade fair to take our franchisee.

The visitors from service class family and household people visit to our stall for packers & movers requirement. They said that they have to face many problems because they were not having adequate information about packers & movers. Truck suvidha helps them in finding out best packer & mover among various packers & movers which gives best service. One of the visitor discuss his problem that he knows only about one packer & mover, but he faced many problems and also household goods was not reached to destination on time. They were looking happy after listening our concept. They said it will be easy now, on one post they will get information about packers & movers. Some service class people visit our stall they said that they required packers & movers regularly because of their transfer.

We also found the demand for website development, digital marketing, mobile application, E-commerce, web hosting etc. The people from different professions require website development from us to promote their business. Many visitors showed their interest to know more about digital marketing, E-commerce & web hosting. Even the college students also came to our stall for website development and mobile application. Our neighboured stalls also asked for the procedure of website development to promote their business.

At last we would like to say that participating in techmart was a very good experience for us. We gained a good knowledge after meeting with neighboured participants and watching their products. We felt very good in meeting with different kinds of visitors and getting their good responses.

Participation in iitf


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