Miserable Life of an Indian Truck Driver

There is hardly anything which does not involve transportation to reach us. The food items, clothes and other finished goods are being transported through our public transportation system. Truck drivers play major role in our transportation system. The truck drivers drive miles and miles in all the weathers to ensure that the goods consigned reach us in specified time.
But these drivers live a very miserable life. They don’t have their fixed time for their food, sleep and rest. It is rightly said that the truck is their home which provides them shelter when they are on the road; they sleep in it, under it, and even on top of it.

Truck drivers


The truck drivers spend many days on highways and they remain away from home and family for a long duration.
At times they take risk to run the trucks with the mechanical faults. They usually have the mentality to finish one load and then go for repairing the truck.
Another problem is faced due to police. The police also take advantage of miserable condition of truck drivers. The police look at truck driver in suspicion and search out reason to take money from them.
Truck drivers also face the health issues. The truck drivers usually drive in nights and to stay alert they chew tobacco. They do not worry about what their job is doing to their health.
Mostly truck drivers are illiterate. So they also face money problems. They are not paid on monthly basis. They are paid money as per trip. They work on traditional basis of cost evaluation to put their rates below the rate of competitors. This leads to huge loss to the truckers as they do not acquire the freight rate in proportion to the operating cost.
These are the above problems which transporters/truck drivers are facing regularly. So, proper steps should be taken to improve their life. Education and awareness are two important weapons which help in the improvement of their life.
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