TruckSuvidha to fill potholes in transportation industry with technology!!!

Today, we are living in a technology driven world, where online portals have changed the scenario and even vegetables can be brought online, but transportation a major sector is still untouched with this revolution. Transportation alone contributes around 7% to Indian GDP (2015) but is one of the highly unorganised sectors till date. TruckSuvidha enters in the market with an aim to change this scenario. It is to bring transportation industry to the level it is in foreign countries, where driving a truck is a passion not as a last option to earn.

TruckSuvidha wants to fill the gaps in transportation industry with Technology

TruckSuvidha wants to fill the gaps in transportation industry with Technology

TruckSuvidha is an online portal that aims to connect all transportation related entities whether are transporters, truck drivers, fleet owners, truck operators, logistics, packers & movers and customers at one platform. It is to help them out for better and effective communication. The name TruckSuvidha is selected which is showing the core thinking behind it “We are here to Help”.


There are many challenges that TruckSuvidha is facing in this business. Some are:

  • Providing knowledge of internet to their users.
  • Changing the mind-set of the people
  • Upliftment of truck drivers as well as whole transport industry
  • Eliminating the communication gap between them, etc.
  • Removing the myth that TruckSuvidha is a transporter or it charges commission.


Amit a well versed businessman was caught up by Ishu’s idea of facilitating transportation service and decided to be a part of it that moment only. After that one thing led to another and TruckSuvidha came into being.

The idea came from an actual experience when founders had to transport some material inter-state. They realized how unorganized transportation sector was, which required a bit of technology & innovation to turn things around. Some common problems were the hassle a customer has to face while booking a truck, difficult life of a truck driver and potential business losses faced by transporters all of which had a solution. TRuckSuvidha aims to provide a solution to this problem.


TruckSuvidha is an outcome of detailed study being carried by its founders, Mr. Amit Punaini, a well versed businessman from Jagadhri and Mr. Ishu Bansal, a Software engineer, settled with Infosys. Started with 10-15 team members, now have more than 30, directly working with the venture. All are from different backgrounds (MBAs, B.Tech, B.Com, BBA) working on different domain (HR, Accounts, Marketing, IT, Administration and Customer care) and try to serve customers to the best of industry.

Amit Punaini (Founder), 39 years old businessman by profession who is always passionate about new ventures. His vision is to make the use of technology to uplift the society led to this venture. With an aim to organize the unorganized sector he believes that change is for the good and we should adapt to it.

Ishu Bansal(Founder), 26 years old software engineer had a vision to own a start-up that makes a difference. As it is said like minds think alike, he with technical background and Amit with his resources are set on a path to bring about some change for the society.

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