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The Indian transportation industry suffers from numerous lacunae, leading to huge losses for customer companies each day. The chief factor which prevents the on-time delivery of crucial goods is the lack of coordination between transporters, truck drivers and customers.

Amit Punaini and Ishu Bansal once jointly ran a plywood venture that often saw transporters being unable to supply crucial raw material on time. They then decided to embark on a novel venture : the creation of an online portal bringing together transporters, truck drivers and customers. This portal, aptly named TruckSuvidha  (TS), came into picture in August, 2014. The company is currently based in Haryana’s Yamuna Nagar.

TS allows the prospective user to register as customer, transporter, packer or mover. Registration is hassle-free, and even the technologically uninitiated will find it very easy to register with TS, and to avail of its services.

Customers registered with TS can choose the date, city, material, truck type and weight of the delivery to be made. This removes the need for customers to search for appropriate transporters all by themselves. Interested transporters are then made aware of the requests of customers. The entire process, from requesting transportation to ensuring the delivery of the goods in question, is thus streamlined, with transporters being incentivized to respond to requests urgently and efficiently.
Only those transporters who equip their trucks with the latest tracking devices are allowed to register. TS thus lays great emphasis on the utilization of technology to ensure transparency and efficiency. TS also updates the details of transporters and customers frequently, and ensures that extensive verification procedures are carried out.

TruckSuvidha : A solution to Goods Delivery woes!

TruckSuvidha : A solution to Goods Delivery woes!


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