TruckSuvidha among Top30 Innovations in Catapooolt ‪‎Changemakers‬ ‪‎Challenge

TruckSuvidha is among Top 30 Innovations of India that can change your future organised by Catapooolt ‪‎Changemakers‬ ‪‎Challenge in association with The Economic Times.

TruckSuvidha is among Top 30 Innovations of India 

TruckSuvidha is among Top 30 Innovations of India that can change your future organised by Catapooolt ‪‎Changemakers ‪‎Challenge in association with The Economic Times.

It is India’s first crowdfunding powered hunt for disruptive ideas. The goal was to recognize potentially new ideas across have access to communities as well as seasoned investors for further support. More than 500 ideas submitted their entries- which were then sieved through by a jury of Innovation champions. Fifty-five of these ideas made it to a social media voting stage wherein communities helped to shortlist the final 30. Now these 30 ideas will pitch for your support; the top 15 ideas will be presenting themselves to leading  angel investors at the grand finale. The 30 ideas that were selected ranged across agriculture, healthcare, transportation. Let’s have a closer look at the innovations which could change your tomorrow.

TruckSuvidha is among top 30 innovations due to its idea being simple yet unique. This campaign focuses towards the social cause being promoted by TruckSuvidha. The contribution of a Truck Driver is immense, transporting goods from thousands of miles just so that people like us can enjoy a daily dose of apples from Kashmir or coffee from kerala. The effort behind this goes unnoticed somehow and we tend to take truck drivers for granted.

With minimum wages and no job security, if asked a truck driver would never want his near/dear ones to join this profession. In simple terms “This is not good work”. TruckSuvidha has raised its voice against this injustice as our aim is to make this a reputable profession by providing basic amenities and fringe benefits.

This campaign was started with a single goal in mind, opening up of TruckSuvidha kendra’s all around India on major highways where the safety of the driver and truck are a major concern. This place would cater to all the needs of a truck driver plus the load he is carrying. A sound sleep and parking space for trucks would ensure better health and reduction in road mishaps.

This could be a life changing moment as with this  campaign TruckSuvidha would be helping hundreds of those over stressed drivers who do not even get a chance to meet there family that often.

You can read the complete coverage in Economic times on this link

As part of The Economic Times Presents Catapooolt ChangeMakers Challenge 2016, a crowdfunding campaign is currently up on India’s leading crowdfunding website We request you to visit the link and support us as you always have.


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