TruckSuvidha co-founder Ishu Bansal Interview With Startup Simba

Trucksuvidha: An Online Platform Bringing Convenience in Truck Booking and Logistics

Booking a truck for any transport related requirement is a cumbersome process in India. Logistics is an unorganised area, where nothing falls in place smoothly. Bringing the factor of convenience in bookings trucks and dealing with logistics vendors was the need of the hour, and TruckSuvidha, founded by Ishu Bansal and Amit Punaini, did that successfully. In an interview with Startup Simba, Ishu Bansal shared how this unique online platform was born and how it is streamlining the trucking and logistics industry in India step by step.

Tell us, what TruckSuvidha is all about in a nutshell.

TruckSuvidha marks the beginning of a new era in the logistics industry with an aim to improve the demand and supply chain with the help of technology.

How and when the idea about TruckSuvidha did come to your mind?

A real-time experience prompted the foundation of TruckSuvidha when we had to transport materials from one state to another. We saw how unorganised the sector was without deployment of technology and innovation. The customers had to face an unmanaged booking system, the truck drivers’ had a tough life and the transporters had to suffer potential business losses. We decided to deal with such problems through our venture.

What has been the inspiration behind launching TruckSuvidha?

My father faced a lot of difficulties while booking a truck for transportation. This acted as an inspiration starting up the logistics business. At that point of time, it wasn’t clear to me what do we need to do, but yes we knew we have to do something to resolve the issue.

Tell us about the founders of TruckSuvidha? What were they busy with prior to launching TruckSuvidha?

Amit Punaini: – Being a businessman by profession, he is always passionate about new ventures. He looks forward to implement technology to make the society better. He decided to organise the transportation and logistics sector which was all about doing something good for the society. He is the best person when it comes to handling business properly. Before this, he has handled various businesses, including scrap dealing, etc.

Ishu Bansal: – Being a software engineer, he has always aimed at starting a tech startup that could make some difference. TruckSuvidha has been a child when the plan came into mind. It took lot of hard work to make it a reality. Before this, he worked with Sapient as a software developer.

In which year TruckSuvidha was launched? What is the current team size? Where are your offices located? Who are your target audience?

TruckSuvidha began its operation in 2014 with a team of 5 members. At present we are a team of around 20. We have our head office in Yamunanagar, Haryana. We are, however, planning to locate our next office in Vaishali, Ghaziabad. People related directly or indirectly with the transportation industry are our ultimate targets. Truck drivers, transporters, service providers, customers, packers and movers etc. constitute our target market. 

Founders of TruckSuvidha

Founders of TruckSuvidha

What is the revenue model of TruckSuvidha?

We have a simple plan with a touch of innovation. We provide yearly subscription to transporters on the basis of their requirements. People are allowed to choose from three alternatives with different incentives. We update clients with information at regular intervals. The details provided help transporters to be aware of the basic needs and requirements if customers. We have a digital footprint in the form of web profiling model. We help transporters create their profile with ratings along with testimonials. The best part is that our venture is self-funded.

What is the USP of TruckSuvidha? How is it different from other transport related portals in the country?

The services we provide today is a result of years of research work. Our packed database helps you to get real time information relating to the to and fro movement of materials. The cost-effective subscription model makes it easier for both transporters and customers to share relevant information with both parties with a swift pace. Our web features include Load Board, Truck Board and Distance Calculator. These features contain the needs from both transporters and customers. We offer an on-going transaction of classifying and disseminating information.

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