Trucksuvidha: Connecting truck drivers with the industry

In an era of e-commerce, people book almost everything online ranging from a movie ticket to an airplane seat, then why isn’t it possible to book a truck online? KNN gets in conversation with Ishu Bansal, the co-founder of Trucksuvidha– a leading portal for the transport industry which connects transporters, truck drivers and other related entities with one another.

“The logistics industry is vast with all the required resources but still the demand is not being met,” Bansal said adding, “We plan to act as the bridge between the customer and the transporter as we faced a lot of trouble while booking a truck online for our business. This was the driving force behind this venture”.

The idea came to the founders mind from their personal experience when had to transport some material inter-state.

“We realized how unorganized this sector was, which required a bit of technology & innovation to turn things around,” he pointed.

The problems being faced while booking a truck are – hassles a customer goes through; difficulty in coordinating with the truck driver; and potential business losses faced by transporters – all of which had a solution.

“We are here to provide that solution,” added Bansal.

 Trucksuvidha: Connecting truck drivers with the industry

Ishu Bansal, the co-founder of Trucksuvidha

Making the people aware of how technology will make their lives better; getting the truck drivers educated about their rights; and making people accept change in an industry which has not seen use of technology since its inception were some of the prime obstacles faced by the venture.

“Our plan is to organize and modernize a technology crippled industry. The existing dogma needs to vanish and people need to be more aware of the things going around in the current world scenario,” the entrepreneur argued.

Trucksuvidha currently operates in 632 different locations with 2400 registered users. The start-up provides with different types of heavy commercial vehicles.

Talking about the existence of popular e-commerce sites in global market, the co-founder shared his opinion saying, “Amazon and Flipkart provide users with a huge range of products whereas TruckSuvidha caters to only the logistics industry by providing unique services which were not available before. We have a huge platform for e-commerce sites providing products and solutions. Logistics was the only industry lacking this advantage as the business was being done manually like old times. TruckSuvidha offers a unique platform for all the entities to connect and boost their business with a single click of a mouse.”

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