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You know what is the best thing about entrepreneurship ? You can use your inventive brains to solve the basic problems of life (which might have been neglected till now). TruckSuvidha caters to one such industry, which was till now neglected in terms of advancements in technology.

A journey which started with a visit to the Azadpur Mandi and interacting with the people there, TruckSuvidha is now on a path to revolutionise the way trucking and transportation is done in India.

How did it all start ?

“It is an interesting story. India is a land of dreams and everyone after being born, dreams of landing up somewhere big. I too was one such software engineer amongst the horde. Somehow I felt that was not my calling. Like any other day I happened to be discussing my passion with Amit. Amit, a well versed businessman was caught up by my idea and decided to be a part of it that moment only. After that, one thing led to another and TruckSuvidha came into being” says – Ishu Bansal, the co-founder of TruckSuvidha.

Exploring Truck Suvidha

TruckSuvidha is a web portal for trucking and transportation industry. Connecting transporters, truck drivers, customers and other related entities. Their service is aimed for the brokers / transporters / logistics heads / delivery heads to make the use of technology.

“Today every industry is making use of technology. Transport industry is the only one which is lagging behind. So, trucksuvidha is launched with an aim of upliftment of truck drivers as well as modernisation of whole transportation industry”.

Their core Services are free listing, online directory, load post, load board, truck post, truck board, distance calculator, Web profile service and much more.

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