TruckSuvidha| Startup of the Week: Horn Please Ok

‘TruckSuvidha’ a web portal that benefits the truck drivers and leads to modernisation of the industry.

IndianMediaBook gets in the conversation with Ishu Bansal, Co-Founder and Technical Head,



What is the story behind the launch of TruckSuvidha? What led to the ideation?

India is a land of dreams and everyone after being born dreams of landing up somewhere big. I too was one such software engineer amongst the horde. I have an industry experience of more than 3 years and though I was good at my work somehow I felt that was not my calling. Like any other day I happen to be discussing my passion with Amit who is a well versed business man was caught up by my idea and decided to be a part of it that moment only. After that one thing led to another and TruckSuvidha came into being. The services we offer are post load, post truck, load board, truck board, truck load matching, distance calculator, transporters directory, web profile creation service, etc.

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