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A slew of online startups are trying to streamline operations in the road freight industry.



It is around six in the morning on the Delhi-Haryana border, off National Highway 1, and Swami Nath Yadav is busy cleaning his truck as he prepares for a trip to Himachal Pradesh. Yadav, who has been driving trucks for a living for the last 20 years, says work has multiplied in the past couple of months and his income has increased, all thanks to TruckSuvidha, an online truck aggregator, based in Haryana., an online truck aggregator, based in Haryana.

“As compared to Rs 8,000-10,000 earlier, I now earn Rs 14,000 a month. The trips are also planned in advance. Earlier there would be work only for 15 days, but now I am always on the move,” he says.

It isn’t just Yadav. There are around 23,000 transporters on board, who have seen their earnings grow after hopping onto the TruckSuvidha platform.

Ishu Bansal, co-founder of TruckSuvidha, operated by Sarvodaya Venture, says he stumbled into the truck aggregation business. “We faced a lot of problems in our family business, when it came to getting trucks from different players. Truck drivers would charge us higher rates citing no return load. Moreover, there was no way of arranging trucks online, so we studied the market and started TruckSuvidha as a marketplace,” says Bansal.

The $40-50 billion road freight industry in India is notorious for the lack of transparency in deals, arbitrary rates, all-cash transactions and delayed deliveries, but a slew of online startups are trying to change that. Using technology, startups such as TruckMandi, TruckSuvidha, Porter, BlackBuck, GoGo Truck, FreightBazaar and CargoExchange are trying to bridge the gap among companies, warehouses, transporters and truck drivers to ensure on-time deliveries and optimum use of fleet capacity.

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