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Truckers protest at Alipur against 'extortion' 0

Truckers protest at Alipur

The owners claimed that cops or people posing as cops had been stopping truckers leaving the city for checks and extorting huge sums of money every day. NEW DELHI: Truck owners staged a protest...

Truckers from South Goa's mining belt gathered outside the gates of Sesa Goa's (Vedanta) Codli mines on Monday morning 0

Truckers halt ore transportation at Codli

Transportation of iron ore came to a standstill on Monday due to a protest by truck owners. Theses truckers have not been engaged by mining companies due to a dispute over transportation rates. Trucks...

Truck owners in rate hike tussle 0

Truck owners in rate hike tussle

The mining transportation industry in the state is facing a rather piquant situation. With the exception of Vedanta, no other mining companies having started fresh excavation of mining ore in the state, and with the truck...