Truckers halt ore transportation at Codli

Transportation of iron ore came to a standstill on Monday due to a protest by truck owners. Theses truckers have not been engaged by mining companies due to a dispute over transportation rates.

Trucks owners from South Goa‘s mining belt gathered outside the gates of Sesa Goa’s (Vedanta) Codli mines on Monday morning to protest moves by the mining firm to start mining transportation.

Though not a single truck loaded with ore left the mine throughout the day, protesting truck owners decided to gather at the site again on Tuesday determined not to allow transportation until Vedanta hikes the transportation rates as demanded by them.

Truck owners associations from South Goa have rejected the rates of transportation decided by the government, and have decided not to deploy their trucks for iron ore transportation until the rates are hiked to at least Rs 14 per tonne per km. The government fixed the transportation rates at Rs 12.50 per tonne per km for distances up to 10km, Rs 12 per tonne per km for distances between 11 and 20km, and Rs 11.50 per tonne per km for distances above 20km.

In an attempt to resume mining transportation, Sesa Goa had applied for police protection. Apprehending that Vedanta would resume transportation under police cover on Monday, hundreds of truck owners rushed to the Codli mines of South Goa to prevent any such move.

Vinayak Gauns, president of Dharbandora Truck Owners Association, told TOI, “We have learnt that Sesa Goa has made arrangements for ore transportation by hiring other trucks. We won’t allow any such thing to happen. There won’t be any transportation without price hike.”

In Bicholim, truck operators gathered outside the deputy collector’s office after their demand for a hike in transporation rates was rejected by mining firms.
Bicholim MLA Rajesh Patnekar extended supported to truck owners saying he would try to get them a higher rate. Bicholim municipal chairperson who is also president of Bicholim Truck Owners Association Sa

Trucks owners from South Goa's mining belt gathered outside the gates of Sesa Goa's (Vedanta) Codli mines on Monday morning

Trucks owners from South Goa’s mining belt gathered outside the gates of Sesa Goa’s (Vedanta) Codli mines on Monday morning

tish Gaonkar said that they would not allow mining companies to transport ore with other truck transporters.

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