How can Trucking Industry Attract More Youth?

Being in the trucking industry, you probably have come across a driver shortage. There are multiple reasons behind the shortage, and one among them is that young people don’t find it a lucrative career option. 

But will the emerging technologies help to bridge this gap or not?

1. Technology offers a high degree of automation and comfort to drivers and helps them get respite from tedious tasks. 

2. Huge investment is being made in cleaner and greener fuel technologies. 

3. In India, over 65% of freight is transported through trucks which means the rising demand for logistics in the industry will create more employment opportunities. 

4. For the trucking industry to attract more youth, it needs to better communicate the employment opportunities that exist, focus on training, and offer competitive salaries. 

What is something that holds you as a youth from pursuing a career in the trucking industry?

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