Trucksuvidha is ensuring quick transportation of essential commodities during lockdown: ChalGenius


Trucksuvidha is working for quick delivery of food items

When the entire country has come to a standstill during lockdown, one thing that is still moving is the transportation of food material and other essential items from one place to another so that nobody suffers from pangs of hunger.

The employees of Trucksuvidha are working round the clock to connect farmers with transporters and truck drivers to ensure timely delivery of perishable items, “We understand the seriousness of the situation. We have joined the mission of connecting farmers with truck drivers so that the essential commodities can be supplied at the earliest to ward off any shortage in the markets,” said Amit Punaini, one of the founders of Trucksuvidha to Chalgenius.

Trucksuvidha-first online portal for transportation industry

Trucksuvidha, the first online portal developed for the transportation industry in India, had also shut its business temporarily like other businesses in the country during the lockdown.

But then, the government listed the Haryana (Yamunanagar) based start-up on National Agriculture Market (eNAM), an online portal to help farmers avail the trucks for the transportation of food materials across the country.

The start-up had an amazing journey so far

The start-up has in fact covered a long journey since making humble beginnings in 2014. Trucksuvidha connects transporters, truck drivers, truck owners, brokers, and customers with each other appropriately, “The aim is to connect the transporters and truck drivers to customers in need of their services. It saves lot of time of both transporter and customer by bringing them to a common platform by using technology,” said Ishu Bansal, co-founder of Trucksuvidha to Chalgenius who left his job in IT sector to start the business.

Trucksuvidha has witnessed a huge success over the past six years. It has catered to over 20,000 customers, nearly 40,000 transporters are connected to it, both and over 2000 packers and movers.

How Trucksuvidha works?

A person who wants to transport his goods is needed to share the entire information to Trucksuvidha. It can be done through website, app and even phone call. The team of the start-up then finds out the transporter that suits the availability at affordable prices and connects both of them. It is just like booking a cab,” he added.

Subscription model available

“The transporters that subscribe to our service are given first preference but we also provide loading services to those transport companies who have not taken our subscription. We charge very nominal half-yearly and annual subscription from transporters,” said Amit.

Trucksuvidha tries to provide both-side bookings to truck drivers

He says that all the trucks under their platform are connected with GPS system so that customers can know their location, “The transporters also get regular messages on their cell phones alerting the location of truck drivers. Besides, we also try to ensure that trucks do not return empty after delivering goods that often results in losses.”

Why trucksuvidha?

Trucksuvidha was started by Amit and Ishu after they felt that there was a huge gap in the transportation sector and often arranging a truck proved to be hectic and time-taking.


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