LSC Power of Connect – Serving the Relief

Chennai based Logistics Sector Skill Council (LSC) has been supporting the relief initiative right from the time the disaster occurred in Kerala.

LSC has been mobilising Humanitarian Aid Kits (HAKs) and relief supplies that are kitted, packed and labelled and focusing at providing succour at some of the badly hit locations like Tiruvalla, Kuttanad, Chalakudy, and Chengannur, especially in sanitizing and cleaning up public places in the aftermath of the floods in Kerala.

LSC Power of Connect - Serving the Relief

LSC Power of Connect – Serving the Relief

Logistics is all about outreach, connect and connectivity. At a time of National calamity, when nature denudes land and people, relief supplies need to move from places of availability to the place of natural disaster.

In moving such mission & time critical materials, standard principles of supply chain such as picking, packing, kitting, labelling and others matter.

When the above activities are done in a safe place and despatched to the affected areas, it ensures a streamlined supply chain to the affected people with speed. If the same isn’t performed, and supplies are sent in bulk, then it results in more chaos at the affected place.

Supported by a relief team from Mazgaon Docks Ltd. who were working on ground and indicating requirement, Logistics Sector Skill Council (LSC) has had the benefit of the generous support from all the Governing Council members involved in land transportation and ensured that the required supplies were sent to the right people, at the right place and at the right time.

Logistics Sector Skill Council (LSC) owes gratitude to the Governing Council members who were requested for help by our chairman by R. Dinesh, CMD, TVS Logistics.

To conclude, nothing gives us more pleasure than helping 3-year-old Sandhiya who innocently requested for our relief team saying “Can you clean my school also?” To Sandhiya and other children like her who are supported by the numerous Anganwadis, all we can definitely convey is that the Logistics Sector in India will support her, and children alike in times of calamities as in times of normalcy as well.


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