Daimler India export milestone of 10000Trucks

Daimler India achieved Milestone with Mercedes-Benz 40-tonne heavy-duty tractor for a customer in Indonesia.

India (DICV) has rolled out its 10,000th export vehicle in less than four years after starting overseas shipment.

The milestone vehicle, a 40-tonne heavy-duty tractor for a customer in Indonesia, is part of a batch of about 250 trucks on the way to various markets in South-East Asia.

Marc Llistosella, head of Trucks Asia, said: “10,000 trucks being exported is only a start. We are leveraging additional potentials in growth markets with reliable, efficient high-quality trucks built at our Indian manufacturing plant.”



“There will be continuous significant growth in this business for our FUSO and brands,” the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) added.

DICV’s export product range, manufactured on the same production lines as its domestic portfolio, according to global standards, features medium-duty (9-16 tonnes) and heavy-duty (16-49 tonnes) trucks.

Developed and rigorously tested to meet the diverse requirements of the target markets in Asia, the West Asia, Africa, and Latin America; they are opening additional growth opportunities for Trucks.

Erich Nesselhauf, managing director and CEO, DICV, said: “Our exports business has been developing extremely well. Since the launch in 2013, we have doubled our figures each year.”

“We aim for further significant growth as we will expand to serve more than 40 markets on three continents by the end of the year,” Nesselhauf added.

Beyond completely built trucks, DICV has already exported more than 1,000 bus chassis produced at its bus plant and is ramping up volumes of its school bus which has been launched in the West Asia.

The company has also been supplying FUSO truck CKD kits to Kenya for local assembly by a FUSO partner in Kenya since March 2016, and to Truck’s production plant in East London/South Africa, where local assembly just began in May 2017.

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  1. Nice Information, The industry of logistics and transportation is highly growing, that’s why there is much requirement for trucks. Daimler India has taken finest decision to export the heavy-duty tractor for a customer in Indonesia

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