Gadkari in India Integrated Transport and Logistics Summit 2017

Speaking at the India Integrated Transport and Logistics Summit 2017 here today, Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari asserted that the basic mission of the Centre is eradication of poverty.

Addressing the stakeholders in the Summit 2017, Gadkari said, “The politics of 21st century is very much committed for the progress and development and eradication of the poverty. This is the basic mission mode for our government.”


Gadkari-in-transport and logistics-summit

Gadkari announced some major decisions that aim to create “Modi’s New India”:-

  • India aiming at double-digit growth (GDP, the current growth is 7.5 per cent).
  • The revenue has increased from Rs 3 lakh crores to Rs 20 lakh crores within the three years of BJP government. The Centre further aims to increase revenue to 28 lakh crores to 30 crores in the upcoming two years.
  • 36 ring roads where logistics parks should be created have been identified in order to save cities from traffic congestion and pollution problems.
  • 13 express high ways to be constructed for better roads.
  • In a historic development, the Rajya Sabha passed the constitutional amendment paving the way for the goods & services tax (GST).It will impact various sectors in a good way.
  • Transport ministry is expecting IITLS to draw big investments of around Rs 2 lakh crores including from the countries like Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong.
  • -To construct 10 Inter-Modal Stations which integrate various transportation modes like rail, road, mass rapid transit system, bus rapid transit, auto-rickshaw, taxi and private vehicle.
  • The integrated policy would include construction of 50 Economic Corridors and upgrading key feeder and inter corridor routes to improve overall efficiency of freight movement.
  • Developing 35 multimodal logistics parks to serve as centres for freight aggregation and distribution, multimodal transportation, storage and warehousing and value added services.
  • Made in India and ‘Make in India’, lithium-ion battery backups would be manufactured in India. Dream of electric vehicles, electric car, electric taxis, electric bus is not far.


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  1. Nice Information, the best decision ever makes by government for logistics and transportation industry of India. Also it will help them to manage their business all over the India successfully.

  2. guruprasad says:

    Good that government is trying to help out logistics as it has great potential for growth. Because of technology and digital growth, logistics has a wide scope for development. here is a blog for understand more about supply chain and logistics.

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