TruckSuvidha nominated for Hot100 Technology Award

TruckSuvidha, a startup in the transportation & logistics space was recently nominated for the Hot100 badge of honour. The Hot100 awards are a great platform for start-ups in the tech sector and also a great networking opportunity. Eligible start-ups will have the same genre and will be given an opportunity to demonstrate significant innovation in the technology or its application. In short, an event not to be missed by the India’s tech community!

To win Hot100 – badge of honour award, every start-up which gets nominated invites votes from their customers, investors & users. Voting Starts from November 1st, 2015. The start-up which gets the maximum votes has increased chances of winning. The number of votes will be added to the jury marks which will decide the recipient of the Hot100 technology award.

TruckSuvidha got nominated due to its idea being simple yet unique. In the era of e-commerce websites when people can book almost everything online ranging from a movie ticket to an airplane seat, why isn’t it possible to book a truck online? The logistics industry is vast with all the required resources but still the demand is not being met. We plan to act as the bridge between the customer and the transporter as we faced a lot of trouble while booking a truck online for our business. This was the driving force behind this venture.

It’s a cordial invitation to all the well-wishers of TruckSuvidha, please vote for TruckSuvidha and support us to win this award.

Please visit the link: and click on vote now to vote TruckSuvidha.

Please visit the link: and click on vote now to vote TruckSuvidha.

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