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Ever had the necessity of transporting things from place to another but wanted an option of choosing the vehicle through which it needs to be sent? Now, Truck Suvidha is here as an answer to all such problems of yours. We had an informal chat with the founder of Truck Suvidha, Ishu Bansal.

Co- founders of TruckSuvidha

Co- founders of TruckSuvidha

Our website is specifically designed for Indian transport industry, wherein the big and small transport companies can register with us, to increase their business.

Our services include post load, post truck, search load, search truck, truck load matching, distance calculator and a host of others related to logistics. Our services facilitate the use of technology  by brokers, transporters, logistics heads, delivery heads, etc. Truck Suvidha offers, to all big and small transport players as well as other sectors which are linked either directly or indirectly with the transport sector, free listing on our website. This service will help the user get information about the movement of the vehicle and the material efficiently.

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