Article about TruckSuvidha on Rti news

TruckSuvidha is a start-up which was formed with one goal in mind i.e. to bring about a change in the existing transportation scenario. The current logistics industry in India faces huge gaps due to the demand and supply not being met despite the availability of both in huge numbers. This start-up plans to act as a bridge and curb the existing gap. Apart from this the logistics sector is technology deprived with players opting for old traditional practices while booking trucks. The plan is overhaul the complete industry by introducing technology and other means to make truck booking a rather easy affair.

TruckSuvidha is an online portal connecting various entities to bring them on a common platform where they can go about doing their businesses easily without any hassle. There registered user base includes transporters, customers, service providers, packers and movers, individual truck owners who communicate in a timely and effective way. It aims to reduce the problem of lack of information by providing an extensive database with thousands of options to choose. It can be rightly said that TruckSuvidha is the ‘Yellow Pages’ of the transportation industry.


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