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Trucks are the under-rated lifeline of this economy. It’s through this means of transportation that a major chunk of our daily need goods like vegetables, fruits, clothes, cement etc. are transported from one part of the country to another. They, with their bright colours and witty one liners on their back also add the much needed fun and spice to our times spent on roads starring behind their back. But, it is sad to note that even in 2015, the trucking and transportation industry has still not adopted themselves to the technological innovations being made every now and then in the country. This hasn’t only affected their income and services but it has also had a huge impact on the income and needs of the nation. But, this won’t be the case anymore because a new startup called TruckSuvidha is here to rescue the trucking and transportation industry in the technological rut they have been for years.

TruckSuvidha: A Start-up Where Transporters And Customers Meet & provide unbelievable service

TruckSuvidha: A Start-up Where Transporters And Customers Meet & provide unbelievable service

Based in Haryana, this one year start-up was co-founded by Amit Punaini, an entrepreneur who is passionate about new ventures and Ishu Bansal, a software engineer with a vision to own a start-up that makes difference. The resources of Punaini and the technical knowledge of Bansal was the key behind this venture, as the duo started the journey of TruckSuvidha to bring transportation industry under digital light.

TruckSuvidha is a web portal catering exclusively to the trucking and transportation industry. It aims to connect transporters, truck drivers, customers and allied entities. It aims to be become the Uber for transportation, with a focus on trucks and freight. Brokers, transporters, logistic and delivery heads can use their service online by registering themselves on the website.

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