Startups like TruckSuvidha, TruckMandi take on sector of truck transportation

Amit Punaini and Ishu Bansal, whose families jointly own a plywood layer manufacturing business in Uttar Pradesh, routinely suffered delays in shipments because of truck transporters. Every single day of delay meant more evaporation of the inherent water in the plywood layers made of poplar and eucalyptus trees, depleting their value in the markets of Delhi and Rampur.

The duo then decided to create India’s first online marketplace for truck transporters, called Truck-Suvidha, which enrolls only those truck providers whose vehicles are equipped with tracking systems. Started in September, TruckSuvidha has about 23,000 truck transporters on its platform, each paying up to Rs 45,000 annually to contact prospective customers online.

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Trucksuvidha- A Need of Transport Industry

Trucksuvidha- A Need of Transport Industry

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