VECV launches Eicher Pro 6000 series

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) launches Eicher Pro 6000 series, the next generation heavy duty trucks in West India with a customer experience event in Mumbai.

The new range of Eicher Pro 6031 (31T GVW 8X2), Eicher Pro 6025 (25T GVW 6×2) haulage trucks and Eicher Pro 6025T (25T GVW 6X4) tipper that combines cutting-edge technology with design, marks the entry of Eicher brand into a new phase of growth and consolidation in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle market.

The Eicher Pro 6000 Series representing ‘The future of Indian trucking’ has been developed and manufactured as a result of the synergistic working between the Volvo Group and Eicher.

A K Birla, Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing & Aftermarket, VE Commercial Vehicles said, “The Eicher Pro 6000 Series marks yet another milestone in journey of Eicher Trucks and Buses, to becoming a strong player in the commercial vehicle industry, especially in the heavy duty segment. HD is the largest and fastest growing category which obviously makes it the most important segment in our product portfolio. Moreover, the West market is very crucial for the commercial vehicle industry and will contribute to the over-all growth plans of VECV.”

He added, “The Eicher Pro 6000 Series is the range of next-generation heavy duty trucks that go beyond high reliability, performance and productivity. The vital combination of Volvo Group’s world-class technology and frugal cost expertise and management of Eicher has created a range that will set new benchmarks amongst customers with high demands on profitability and driver effectiveness.

The Pro 6000 Series comes with telematics (Eicher Live), fuel coaching, and cruise control. It is also equipped with advanced on board diagnostics systems, which enables proactive maintenance of the truck.

Eicher Pro 6000 series

Eicher Pro 6000 series

It will meet the needs of most market segments across haulage, distribution, construction, industrial loads, courier and perishables.

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