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DigiLocker app to have emission, insurance certificates 0

DigiLocker app for documents storage

All four documents a driver needs to carry on him will soon be available on the DigiLocker app. This means, in addition to the currently available two documents (Driver’s Licence and Registration Certificate), motorists...

Tata Motors offers 6 yrs warranty for entire truck range 0

Tata Motors offers 6 years warranty on MHCVs

The six-year standard drive-line warranty is based on the study of operation in life-cycle of over 20 lakh Tata Motors trucks and tippers operating all over the country. The country’s largest truck and bus-maker...

Large HCVs demand to grow 10% in 3 years 0

Large HCVs demand to grow 10% in 3 years

Logistic companies are shifting to larger warehouses, and other factors such as GST, stricter overloading norms, and better fuel efficiency are aiding the shift to higher-tonnage HCVs. The logistics industry, mainly driven by the Goods and...