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Is NHAI in Fine Financial Health? Or Will India Pay for Needless Bravado? 0

NHAI Fine Financial Health? Will India Pay

On 9th September, at a press conference to mark 100 days of the Modi government’s second term, Mr Gadkari said, NHAI had no financial problem and would continue its high spending ways. The Union...

PMO raps road ministry for reckless highway expansion, NHAI responds 0

Road ministry for reckless highway

National Highways Authority of India for undertaking extensive and reckless expansion of roads under national Highway and has suggested NHAI to stop constructing roads. The Prime Minister’s Office has pulled up the transport ministry...

it hard by the ongoing lockdown, private bus and truck operators have sought the intervention of the State Government for further deferment of their loan repayment by three months till August to overcome the financial difficulties. 0


The Government of India wants to curb this and has proposed a higher registration fee for new passenger and commercial vehicles. Vehicular pollution has been on the rise with the large number of vehicles...