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Delhi: Govt drive to make all autos install functional GPS devices, panic button 0

Govt drive to install functional GPS devices

An official of the transport department said that autorickshaws and other para-transit vehicles will have to install panic buttons along with GPS devices. NEW DELHI: Travelling by an autorickshaw in the capital is likely...

Why government needs to implement GPS in earnest in logistics industry 0

Govt Implement GPS in logistics industry

In other countries, GPS devices have been used for the last two decades by the supply chain industry to improve operational efficiencies. India has been a slow follower. But the govt is finally trying...

Lucknow: Fuel scam whiff in blind GPS trackers 0

Fuel scam whiff in blind GPS trackers

Officials have found the GPS-enabled vehicle-tracker installed in all the 13 fogging vehicles defunct and are investigating if these were deliberately tampered with to pilfer petrol. LUCKNOW: The municipal corporation, probing how petrol was...