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How GPS Trackers in India Are Changing Safety Standards for Fleets? 0

GPS Trackers Changing Safety Fleets Standards

The introduction of GPS trackers in India has made it easy for logistic businesses to deal with fleet management. The technology has brought several significant benefits. Our country is growing at such a speed...

Lucknow: Fuel scam whiff in blind GPS trackers 0

Fuel scam whiff in blind GPS trackers

Officials have found the GPS-enabled vehicle-tracker installed in all the 13 fogging vehicles defunct and are investigating if these were deliberately tampered with to pilfer petrol. LUCKNOW: The municipal corporation, probing how petrol was...

DMC to install GPS system in garbage picking vehicles 0

DMC to install GPS system

Chennai-based waste management company, have jointly taken an initiative to install GPS systems in garbage picking vehicles. DEHRADUN: In a bid to make the door-to-door garbage collection service more efficient in the city, Dehradun...