Tipper Truck Violations Galore:1,800+Booked in Special Operation

In a massive crackdown on tipper truck flouting multiple laws, especially tampering with speed governors, the motor vehicles department (MVD) in Kerala has booked over 1,800 trucks and imposed a compounding fee of over Rs 60 lakh in just four days. The special drive, which commenced on May 8th and continued until May 11th, was triggered by the alarming rise in fatal accidents caused by overspeeding trucks with tampered speed governors.

The transport minister, K B Ganesh Kumar, expressed grave concern over the sheer number of trucks found to have manipulated their speed governors, defying safety regulations. He emphasized that strict instructions have been issued, prohibiting the operation of such trucks until their speed governors are properly restored to the permissible speed limits. Furthermore, hefty fines are being levied on the violators.

The minister highlighted that the crackdown is not limited to speed governor tampering alone. Trucks with altered bodies to carry overloads and those fitted with unauthorized extra lights, contributing to road hazards, are also being targeted. The drive aims to curb the rampant disregard for safety norms by commercial vehicles, which has led to an alarming number of accidents on the state’s roads.

The transport commissioner has directed all deputy transport commissioners, regional transport officers, and joint regional transport officers to take stringent action against tipper trucks found to have manipulated or removed their speed governors. The directives include not allowing such vehicles to ply until the speed governors are restored to their allowed speed limits and imposing substantial fines.

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Moreover, if any manipulation of the speed governors is found to have been facilitated through electronic control unit remapping, action will be taken not only against the truck owners but also against the dealers or agencies involved in such unlawful practices.

During the inspections, if the bodies of the tippers are found to have been extended beyond the permitted height, orders have been issued to remove the unauthorized extensions and restore the vehicles to their original specifications within 15 days. Failure to comply will result in the revocation of the vehicles’ operating permits.

The transport minister has assured that the special drive will continue in the coming days, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to the safety of the state’s roads and the lives of commuters.

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