IKEA Partners with Hapag-Lloyd to Reduce Shipping Emissions through Ship Green

In a groundbreaking agreement, IKEA Supply Chain Operations has joined forces with Hapag-Lloyd to decarbonize container shipments originating from Asia. This strategic partnership aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the maritime industry, aligning with both companies’ commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Hapag-Lloyd’s Ship Green, a biofuel-based solution, will play a pivotal role in this endeavor. IKEA has agreed to utilize Hapag-Lloyd’s premium Ship Green 100 product option from March 2024 to February 2025. This top-tier offering relies on waste- and residue-based biofuel rather than conventional marine fuel oil, thereby curtailing CO2 emissions substantially. As a result, IKEA anticipates a CO2 emission reduction of approximately 100,000 tonnes during this period.

Danny Smolders, Managing Director of Global Sales at Hapag-Lloyd, expressed his delight at the collaboration, acknowledging IKEA as a valued customer renowned for its dedication to sustainability. Smolders noted that this partnership not only enables considerable CO2e emission reductions but also brings Hapag-Lloyd closer to its goal of achieving net-zero fleet operations by 2045.

IKEA has set ambitious environmental targets, aiming to decrease relative greenhouse gas emissions from product transportation by 70% by 2030. Additionally, the company plans to exclusively employ zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles and ocean vessels by 2040. In a press release, Dariusz Mroczek, Category Area Transport Manager at IKEA Supply Chain Operations, emphasized the importance of immediate emissions reduction in ocean shipping. While acknowledging biofuel as a short-term solution, Mroczek underscored the need for continued collaboration in transitioning to zero-emission fuels and technologies.

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Hapag-Lloyd’s Ship Green product empowers customers to select their preferred level of CO2e emission avoidance, with options ranging from 100%, 50%, or 25%. This flexibility ensures that businesses can tailor their sustainability initiatives to their specific goals and requirements.

As the global maritime industry continues to face challenges, including disruptions in the Red Sea region, this partnership between IKEA and Hapag-Lloyd serves as a beacon of progress and innovation. By leveraging cutting-edge solutions like Ship Green, these industry leaders demonstrate a steadfast commitment to reducing their environmental impact and paving the way for a more sustainable future in shipping.

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