Autonomous Fuel Cell Truck from Hyundai Motor at ACT Expo

Hyundai Motor Company and autonomous driving technology leader Plus have unveiled a groundbreaking vehicle – the first Level 4 autonomous Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell electric truck in the United States. This cutting-edge truck made its debut at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, North America’s premier event showcasing advanced clean transportation technologies and fleets.

The truck in question is Hyundai Motor XCIENT Fuel Cell, equipped with Plus’s state-of-the-art SuperDrive Level 4 autonomous driving technology. This collaboration marks the beginning of the first Level 4 self-driving tests on a Class 8 fuel cell electric truck in the U.S., aiming to demonstrate the potential for safer, more efficient, and sustainable trucking operations.

The XCIENT Fuel Cell truck has already proven its real-world reliability and technological prowess, having been commercially operational across eight countries since its initial launch in 2020. Last year, at the ACT Expo, Hyundai showcased the XCIENT Fuel Cell tractor, a commercialized Class 8 6×4 fuel cell electric model, featuring dual 90kW hydrogen fuel cell systems and a 350kW e-motor, capable of traveling over 450 miles on a single charge with a full load.

Plus’s SuperDrive technology, deployed in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, integrates advanced sensors like LiDAR, radar, and cameras, providing comprehensive perception, planning, prediction, and autonomous driving capabilities. This cutting-edge technology, combined with Hyundai Motor innovative XCIENT Fuel Cell truck, paves the way for the future of autonomous hydrogen fuel cell trucking.

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By collaborating on this groundbreaking project, Hyundai Motor is pioneering a new era of sustainable and efficient transportation. The Level 4 autonomous Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell electric truck represents a significant step forward in the development of self-driving technology for commercial vehicles, offering the potential for increased safety, reduced emissions, and optimized logistics operations.

As the world continues to grapple with environmental challenges and the need for more sustainable transportation solutions, this innovative collaboration showcases the power of combining cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking companies. The successful demonstration of this Level 4 autonomous hydrogen fuel cell truck could pave the way for the widespread adoption of clean and intelligent trucking solutions, contributing to a more sustainable future for the transportation industry.

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