Recharge FASTag at Your Fingertips with FASTagSuvidha

FASTag is now a key instrument in revolutionizing toll transactions throughout India as the government pursues digitization and more effective transportation networks. Paying the toll at toll plazas is quick and easy using FASTag. Although different cars require different fastags, yet they can be connected under the same CUG (Closed User Group). Recharge FASTag is possible with Cards, UPI, and Net Banking.

FASTagSuvidha: A Revolutionary Approach to FASTag Recharges

FASTagSuvidha stands out as a prominent FASTag agent network in India with a variety of services designed to satisfy the unique needs of FASTag consumers. The primary goal of the effort is to streamline the Fastag recharge process. A variety of payment methods, including as UPI, credit/debit cards, online banking, and e-wallets, allow users to swiftly recharge their FASTags.

Other than Recharge FASTag, FASTagSuvidha provides other services. Users may manage several FASTag accounts at once using its user-friendly interface. For a hassle-free and effective user experience, the platform also provides features like transaction history, SMS notifications for low balances, and auto-recharge.

Consequently, recharging any FASTag issued in India is simple with FASTagSuvidha, a one-stop Recharge FASTag service. Additionally, our commitment entails not storing your bank account, card information, and OTP. Owners of FASTags can therefore top off their accounts online through our website,, using credit and debit cards, internet banking, mobile wallets, and UPI.

How to recharge your FASTag on FastagSuvidha?

The methods to recharge your FASTag on FASTagSuvidha are as follows:

FASTag Recharge for Induslnd Bank

Step 1: Download FASTagSuvidha App. 

Step 2: Begin with the process of registration with your mobile number and name to register for the Fastag recharge.

Step 3: Input the OTP received on your mobile to verify your identity.

Step 4: Choose the wallet recharge option from the available Fastag method for your Induslnd bank Fastag recharge.

Step 5: Select the vehicle number associated with your Induslnd Fastag account, enter the desired recharge amount, and click on pay to proceed.

Step 6: Enter your mobile number on the payment gateway and then complete the payment to recharge fastag.

FASTag Recharge for other Bank

Step 1: Download FASTagSuvidha App. 

Step 2: Enter your Mobile No and Name for Registration.

Step 3: Enter the received OTP and proceed.

Step 4: Choose the wallet option from where you prefer to recharge Fastag.

Step 5: After that enter your vehicle Number and select the bank from the list.

Step 6: Select your payment method and proceed with the Fastag recharge process.

Step 7: Enter the desired amount and click on Pay Now.

Step 8: Choose the payment gateway and complete your Fastag recharge.

Benefits of Recharge FASTag with FastagSuvidha

FASTag Suvidha is the best choice for hassle-free driving on national roads since it enables automated toll deductions and lets you drive through toll plazas without stopping to make cash payments.

Saves time and fuel: Consequently, a FASTag, with its RFID technology, makes driving more enjoyable by saving time and gasoline.

Easy to use: Using a FASTag is as simple as placing it on the inside of your car’s windscreen.

SMS notifications: Each time you use FASTag to pay a toll, an SMS with the details of your transaction will consequently be sent to the registered phone.

Easy online recharging: Once activated, your FASTag may be linked to the bank or e-wallet of your choosing, enabling you to manage and recharge it entirely online.


FASTagSuvidha has transformed the FASTag experience for clients by offering an extensive array of customized services. Moreover, through streamlined recharging and account management, users may now effortlessly take advantage of FASTag services. This helps create a more effective, transparent, and environmentally sustainable transportation system in India.          


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recharge my FASTag account?

Recharging your FASTag account online is possible via the FASTagSuvidha mobile app. After that enter your vehicle number or FASTag ID, select the recharge amount, and securely pay with a variety of methods, including UPI, debit/credit cards, net banking, and others.

Where can I get FASTag immediately?

At toll plazas, certain bank offices, specific gas stations, and online service providers like FastagSuvidha, you may obtain a FASTag right now. You can easily find point-of-sale counters at most toll plazas where you can acquire a FASTag by presenting the necessary paperwork and paying the security deposit immediately.

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