Air-conditioned Driver Cabins will be compulsory in Trucks soon

Nitin Gadkari, the Minister for Road Transport & Highways, announced that all trucks will be required to have air-conditioned driver cabins.

During an event organized by Mahindra Logistics on Monday, Gadkari revealed his long-standing desire to introduce air conditioning in truck cabins since taking charge as the minister. This move aims to enhance the comfort and well-being of truck drivers, who often endure challenging environmental conditions while operating their vehicles.

Nevertheless, according to Gadkari, his vision remained unfulfilled due to the public’s grievances regarding the increased expenses associated with the trucks.

“However, before attending this gathering today, I have officially approved the document that enforces the installation of air conditioning systems in truck driver compartments. We must prioritize the well-being of those who operate these trucks,” stated Gadkari.

The Union Minister provided reassurance that the Centre is fully dedicated to enhancing wayside amenities on national highways, emphasizing their ongoing efforts to improve these facilities.

According to the Ministry representative, plans are in motion to construct 570 roadside amenities. Out of these, tenders have been successfully awarded for 170 amenities, and construction has already commenced. Additionally, he highlighted their aim of establishing an amenity center every 50 kilometers along the highway stretches.

Furthermore, Gadkari highlighted his worry regarding the loss of lives resulting from road accidents and the initiatives undertaken to minimize such incidents. He stressed the significance of fostering lane discipline, enhancing road infrastructure, and imparting comprehensive training to drivers to ensure compliance with traffic norms.

Gadkari shed light on the shortage of drivers in India, leading to truckers working excessively long hours of 14-16 hours per day. He contrasted this situation with other countries that have regulations in place to restrict the maximum working hours for truck drivers, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Gadkari did not specify the timeline for the implementation of AC-equipped trucks. Additionally, he underscored the importance of lowering logistical expenses to enhance export competitiveness through the improvement of road and truck quality.


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