PM Modi will open the Western Freight Corridor Command Centre

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to launch the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor operations control center and unveil specific project segments aimed at easing congestion on the railway network. Additionally, he will inaugurate the 401-km Khurja Junction-Sanehwal section of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) and the 224-km Makarpura Junction-Gholvad section of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC) on Tuesday in New Delhi.

The EDFC’s vital segment will enhance connectivity between critical agricultural and industrial areas in northern India, spanning 12 districts in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab, as per a statement from the DFCC.

Connecting five districts in Gujarat – Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Navsari, and Valsad, the 244-km section on the WDFC will play a crucial role in improving transportation infrastructure, as stated by the DFCC.

Western Freight Corridor

The cutting-edge operations control center (OCC) at the WDFC in Ahmedabad will be the central command hub for the 1,506-km corridor. 

Interconnected with all WDFC stations and the Indian Railways, the OCC employs the integrated train management system, the dedicated freight information system, and the supervisor control and data acquisition system for seamless real-time monitoring, control, and efficient planning of freight train operations.

The EDFC has made moving coal from eastern India to power plants faster by using freight trains up to 100 mph. Now it only takes less than 20 hours instead of 35 hours. The WFDC also helps by speeding up the delivery of things like milk, veggies, fruits, and farm products.

The EDFC has successfully reduced the duration of coal transportation from eastern India to regional power plants. By employing freight trains that can reach a maximum speed of 100 mph, the transit time has been shortened from 35 to less than 20 hours. Additionally, the WFDC has expedited the delivery of perishable goods such as milk, vegetables, fruits, and farm products. These transportation improvements have been confirmed in an official statement.

According to the statement, the EDFC has reached full completion, with over 150 trains running daily at an average speed of 50-60 kmph. 

The WDFC, on the other hand, is currently 81 percent complete, with more than 100 trains operating at an average speed of 50-55 kmph each day, as per the DFCC statement.

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