Ashok Leyland delivers 14T Boss Electric Truck Keys

Ashok Leyland, the Hinduja Group’s leading company, has initiated the distribution of its electric trucks for intermediate and heavy-duty purposes to its esteemed clientele. During the prestigious Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 in New Delhi, the 14T Boss Electric Truck keys were officially presented to Billion E-Mobility.

Ashok Leyland is delighted to share that the first fully electric vehicle has been handed over to our customer today. Unveiled at the Auto Expo last year, the Boss 4T Electric Truck is now ready for the road. This delivery represents a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainable and efficient transportation,” declared Shenu Agarwal, the Managing Director and CEO of the company, in a statement released on Saturday.

boss electric truck

Agarwal emphasized that these vehicles symbolize our unwavering dedication to spearhead the shift towards eco-friendly transportation, providing cutting-edge technologies tailored to meet the ever-changing demands of Indian and global markets.

Ashok Leyland presented its lineup of next-generation vehicles at the ongoing Bharat Mobility Global Expo in New Delhi, featuring the 9m Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus, AVTR LNG 6×4 Tractor, 55T EV Tractor, and Switch IeV4 Electric light commercial vehicles.

“In developing our energy transition platform, we are moving forward on a collective path towards a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable future. We express our gratitude to Ashok Leyland for promptly providing us with the technologically advanced 14Tonne Boss Electric Truck, which allows us to further our dedication to promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation system,” stated Kartikey Hariyani, founder-CEO of Billion E-Mobility and CHARGE. He expressed appreciation to Ashok Leyland for promptly delivering the technologically advanced 14-tonne Boss Electric Truck, which enables them to further their commitment to promoting an environmentally friendly transportation system. The platform’s development represents a shared journey towards a greener, more efficient, and sustainable tomorrow, and the electric truck acquisition reinforces its dedication to this cause. TruckSuvidha’s vehicle tracking will provide real-time monitoring and insights into the electric trucks’ performance, enabling optimized routing, improved efficiency, and reduced carbon footprint.

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