Crackdown in Yamunanagar District: 17 Vehicles Seized for Illegal Mining Mineral Transportationcc

The Yamunanagar district witnessed a significant crackdown on the unlawful transportation of mining minerals. Collaborating with the Mines and Geology Department, the police successfully apprehended 17 vehicles seized in the unauthorized carriage of these minerals. The absence of e-rawanas resulted in substantial revenue losses for the exchequer.

According to reports, on March 13, a surprise inspection of vehicles was carried out in the Pratap Nagar area of Yamunanagar district by the police team led by Rajesh Kumar, DSP-cum-Nodal Officer Mining, in collaboration with the Mining Department.

According to reports, 17 vehicles were found transporting mining minerals in breach of regulations. Subsequently, the Mining Department handed over these vehicles to the Haryana State Enforcement Bureau for appropriate action.

Omdutt Sharma, the District Mining Officer, emphasized that the vehicle confiscation adhered to sub-rules 102 and 104 of the State Mining Rules, 2012, as well as Section 21 (4) of the MMDR Act, 1957. These actions were in line with directives from the National Green Tribunal (NGT), New Delhi, issued on April 23, 2019, and February 19, 2020.

As per the (NGT) guidelines, mining officials must recover penalties, royalties, and mineral values from loaded vehicles, and address environmental restitution. These actions align with the NGT’s commitment to environmental protection and accountability

According to the provided details, a penalty of Rs 4 lakh is imposed when the showroom value of a vehicle/equipment/excavator exceeds Rs 25 lakh and is less than five years old. On the other hand, if the showroom value of the vehicle/equipment/excavator is over Rs 25 lakh and it is more than five years old but less than 10 years old, the penalty amount is Rs 3 lakh.

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