Truck Drivers’ Strike: Stir called off, govt assures to put new law on hold

Truck drivers’ associations have called off the three-day strike after the government assured to hold the new Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita (BNS) replacing the Indian Penal Code. The decision was taken after the meeting that was held between association representatives and government officials on January 2.
The strike had disrupted transportation in different cities of the country, as several wholesale vegetable and fruit vendors at Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi said supplies in the national capital can be hampered on Wednesday as vehicles coming from Maharashtra, Kolkata and Karnataka carrying vegetables are stopped at different locations due to truck drivers’ strike.

Govt put the law on hold

The truck drivers’ strike against the new law passed by the government against hit-and-run cases has been called off as the Centre on Tuesday evening announced that the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita (BNS) that imposes 10-year punishment and fine of seven lakh on drivers for not reporting the fatal accident has been kept on hold.
The new penal actions have raised concerns among drivers and triggered protests across the state, causing heavy traffic jams on the highways and long queues at fuel stations, triggering fears that petrol pumps may run dry by Tuesday night.

“The strike was called off” president of UP Border Transport and Traders Association

The president of UP Border Transport and Traders Association, Sardar Manjeet Singh, who was spearheading the protest in Ghaziabad, said, “The strike was called off after a late afternoon meeting with the Union home secretary and representatives from All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC). We have been assured that the controversial law will not be implemented, and it has been kept in abeyance.”

Long queues at petrol pumps on Day 2

Transportation was majorly impacted nationwide due to protests, and long queues at petrol pumps could be seen triggering fear that 50 per cent of the fuel stations across Uttar Pradesh would run dry.
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