Eicher launches high-productivity Pro 8035XM tipper for mining applications

The Eicher Pro 8035XM E-smart tipper with maximum power of 350 hp, is engineered to handle challenging conditions of mining operations, where extended working hours require superior power and efficiency. As per the company, the Pro 8035XM E-smart tipper helps enhance overall fleet efficiency and utilization levels by enhancing driver comfort and productivity which also leads to higher return on investment for fleet owners.

Vinod Aggarwal, MD and CEO, VECV, said, “The Eicher Pro 8035XM E-smart embodies 15 years of our dedicated efforts in this direction, offering enhanced features to boost operational efficiency for our customers. With the government’s infrastructure initiatives driving the tipper demand in the country, this launch will contribute significantly to national development and infrastructure expansion.”

Eicher launches high-productivity Pro 8035XM tipper for mining applications

Gagandeep Singh Gandhok, Senior Vice President – HD Truck Business, VECV, added, “Over the years, the Eicher Pro 8000 series tippers have represented the pinnacle of Indian trucks with leading engine power, transmission, body capacity, and cabin quality, making it the best-in-class mining tipper. The introduction of AMT in the Eicher Pro 8035XM is the next step in its development and will improve driver comfort and enhance the overall productivity and profitability for Eicher customers.”

All Eicher HD tippers are backed by 100% connectivity enabled by an industry-first Uptime Centre. This innovative service employs AI and Machine Learning for remote and predictive diagnostics, ensuring optimal efficiency and minimal downtime. Eicher’s extensive network includes ‘Eicher Site Support’ at 240-plus locations that offer

seamless assistance at remote sites, serving over 150 customers and supporting over 12,000 vehicles. Eicher’s vast service network comprises 850 touchpoints nationwide, with 425 authorized service centers and 8000 retail centers. The new vehicle range will be backed by ‘My Eicher,’ a fleet management service that provides insights into performance metrics.

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