GreenLine Logistics signs LNG supply agreement with Baidyanath LNG

GreenLine Logistics, an LNG-fueled heavy trucking logistics company, has entered into an LNG supply agreement with Baidyanath LNG.

In a statement, GreenLine Logistics said that it is currently using its LNG fleet with leading cement manufacturers to move raw materials and finished goods to and from the factories. The company plans to deploy 1,600 LNG trucks by March 2024.

The company also said that these LNG trucks, which are made by Blue Energy Motors, help cut CO2 emissions by 28%, which means that each truck emits 24 tons less CO2 per year than a regular diesel truck. Over GreenLine’s planned fleet of 1,600 LNG trucks by March 2024, this adds up to a significant reduction of 38,400 tons of CO2 per year.


GreenLine Logistics signs LNG supply agreement with Baidyanath LNG

Baidyanath LNG is building a network of LNG refueling stations on key trucking routes across the strategically located Vidarbha district of Maharashtra.

Anand Mimani, CEO, GreenLine Logistics, said, “We are pleased to enter into this arrangement with Baidyanath LNG for LNG supply for our heavy trucking fleets, enabling rapid scale-up of our operating routes for faster decarbonization of heavy trucking in the region.”

Vaddadi Subbarao, CEO, Baidyanath LNG, said, “This agreement provides us with an added impetus in our mission to create a wide network of these LNG stations across Vidarbha district. “We look forward to enabling GreenLine’s mission of decarbonizing heavy trucking by ensuring uninterrupted LNG supply on its key trucking routes.”


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