Logistics policy tasks transport ministry with creating resting places for truck drivers

NEW DELHI: The recently notified National Logistics Policy (NLP) has assigned the task of creating adequate resting places for truck drivers to the road transport and highways ministry. Unavailability of good resting place is one of the major reasons for illegal and unsafe parking along highways and this also contributes to the drivers spending more time behind wheels.

The policy notified last week has identified the responsibilities of different ministries for faster and safer movement of cargo across all modes of transportation.

Logistics policy tasks transport ministry with creating resting places for truck drivers

Identifying the issues relating to truck drivers, the policy  says “Ministry of Road Transport and Highways may lay down action items for development of digital systems for track  and complete visibility of cargo, reducing compliance burden on roads, and measure reliability of truck movement, strategy to address truck drivers’ shortage, including pit-stops, social security, digital system to monitor work  and rest  hours.

officials said the ministry is developing 650 roadside amenities along our highways and expressways to cater to the needs of commuters and truck drivers as well. These facilities will have dedicated areas for parking of trucks , dormitories repair shops and fuel filling stations.

During the consutation process , different truckers and transporters organizations had flagged the issue of driver shortage and inadequate facilities for them on the highways. Different studies and surveys have shown  how one of the reason for inadequate sleep among drivers is the lack of resting on the highway network.

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