Electric light commercial vehicles to ferry goods in Kochi from August

Electric light commercial vehicles will lessen carbon emission caused by freight movement

Electric light commercial vehicles to ferry goods in Kochi from August

A fleet of 18 electric light commercial vehicles (e-LCVs) will be launched in mid-August to ferry goods in Ernakulam Market and to deliver goods within the city.Each of these vehicles will be able to carry 600 kg of goods and will deliver cargo, including couriers and food from catering units. They will be launched under an e-mobility project as part of EcoLogistics, a low-carbon action plan being implemented jointly by the Kochi Corporation and ICLEI-South Asia.

The German-funded project aims to lessen carbon emission caused by freight movement in cities and to relocate godowns and warehouses from cities to well-planned logistics hubs in the suburbs. The aim is to lessen congestion and pollution caused by freight transit. The project was commissioned as part of IKI, a German government initiative.

According to a study, 38% of vehicles operated in the city carried freight, of which 42% were diesel-run LCVs that caused immense air and sound pollution. The impending introduction of e-LCVs is set to lessen the carbon footprint of freight movement.

Sources in the Kochi Corporation said 20 drivers had been identified to steer the e-LCVs. “Efforts will be made to convert all cargo carrier autorickshaws in the city into e-autos [or e-LCVs] in a phased manner,” they added.

ICLEI-South Asia Manager (urban team) Vijay Saini said the performance of the fleet of 18 e-LCVs would be monitored over a three-month period, on parameters like operational expense, life cycle cost, and carbon footprint, vis-a-vis their diesel counterparts. “These and allied aspects like their load carrying capacity and operational range, which is expected to be up to 120 km after a recharge, will be documented to convince traders of their viability and capability in containing pollution,” he added.

ICLEI will provide 40% subsidy to procure the fleet. All this will be in sync with the State’s e-mobility policy that was launched in 2020, wherein it was decided to introduce 3,000 e-LCVs across Kerala, Mr. Saini said.

Studies have shown that urban freight transport has significant environmental and social impacts like increased greenhouse gas emissions, poor air quality, noise pollution, road accidents, and traffic congestion. Globally, urban freight transport represents up to 25% of urban vehicles, takes up to 40% of road space, and contributes to up to 40% of carbon emissions.

source code:-https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Kochi/electric-light-commercial-vehicles-to-ferry-goods-in-kochi-from-august/article65648069.ece

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