Role of cold chain logistics in the supply of vaccines

cold chain logistics

Role of cold chain logistics in the supply of vaccines

Following the second wave, India has accelerated the vaccination drive. 

However, the country still faces a major challenge in producing enough vaccines to inoculate every Indian.

Ensuring the safe delivery of vaccines remains a difficult task.


Until now, cold chain logistics have relied on diesel-powered refrigerated vehicle solutions, which require a constant power source and run on diesel, making them prohibitively expensive for smaller package sizes.

However, due to the high transportation costs, many stakeholders find the method unfeasible and begin looking for other low-cost alternatives or jugaad. 


But this impacts product quality and spoils customer experience.


However, today, cold chain logistics are using Phase Change Material (PCM) based solutions. These solutions use specialized PCM batteries in insulated bags and boxes that can cover all temperatures from -70oC ( for Pfizer) to -20oC (required for Moderna and Sputnik) and 2-8 C required for other vaccines like Covaxin and Covishield.


The solutions don’t need any power source during transport and are independent of the vehicle used.

The solution is helping every Indian to get vaccinated by the movement of vaccines to the remotest section of society.


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