Transport dept now has surplus oxygen tankers


Transport dept now has surplus oxygen tankers


The state transport department, which had issued an order on Sunday inviting applications for tankers on rent to ferry liquid oxygen as the country is witnessing a shortage of gas due to a surge in Covid cases, is yet to receive a proposal. On the first day, the officials received a dozen queries from Rajasthan. The invitation for application is open for individuals as well as organizations from across the country.

Transport commissioner Mahendra Soni told TOI, “In the country, all the states are trying to procure tankers to transport oxygen and we have issued this order as an extra measure in case there is any individual or organization which by any chance has a tanker which has not been used till now. In Rajasthan, at present, we have 27 tankers and are trying to get more. There are four Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) tankers that have to undergo a process called purging (cleaning it with oxygen) so then we can use those as well. The cryogenic tankers used for transporting liquid oxygen are highly specialized and normal tankers cannot be used. We have circulated this order across the country and will pay higher rent as well if required.”

According to the order, all organizations, including those from outside Rajasthan, that can provide tankers on rent, can send their applications via email to as well as on WhatsApp number 9829180005.
A six-member committee has also been constituted, which will decide on the rental fee as and when the application reaches them. The committee will take the decision on the same day when the applications are received to avoid any delay in the procurement of tankers and expedite the transportation of liquid oxygen. Officials said four more tankers are to come from abroad as well, though the date of delivery is yet to be told.
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