Civic body will cover trucks carrying garbage

Following orders of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC) is going to cover municipal solid waste (MSW) loaded on trucks carrying them.

AGRA: Following orders of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC) is going to cover municipal solid waste(MSW) loaded on trucks carrying them.

Soon, Agra civic body will cover trucks carrying garbage

Soon, Agra civic body will cover trucks carrying garbage

Till now, in violation of solid waste management rules, tonnes of garbage collected from across the city is ferried in open trucks. These trucks leave a trail of foul smell and bits of trash keep falling from time to time, littering the roads.

Now, AMC is going to permanently cover the garbage in 34 collection trucks in the first phase.

Civic body trucks collect around 500 metric tonnes of garbage every day from different parts of the city and transfer it to Kuberpur dumpsite.

As per the norms, truck carrying waste should be properly covered from the top and at the back. This is mainly aimed at ensuring waste does not fall on the road and cause inconvenience to public.

According to sources, a majority of the vehicles of the civic body that collect garbage do not have a tarpaulin to cover the trash. Some of the carriers of the trucks are damaged due to which liquid from the waste leaks on to the road. Anyone driving behind a civic body truck can vouch for the difficulties they face with stinking garbage spilling on the road.

Recently, a monitoring committee appointed by the NGT to check solid waste management in the city had expressed dissatisfaction over transportation of solid waste in open trucks. The green tribunal had warned the AMC administration of strict action if it failed to properly implement the norms on solid waste management rules.

AMC executive engineer (environment) Rajiv Rathi said “Arrangements are being made to ensure that garbage is not transported in open trucks. Soon, garbage on 34 AMC trucks will be covered from the sides and the top. In this regard, a work proposal is being prepared. The use of tarpaulin to cover the vehicles is not sufficient to check garbage from falling off from the vehicle.”


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