Driving Licenses to be Uniform across India

India’s Driving Licenses (DLs) and vehicle registration certificates (RCs) are getting an overhaul, including a new, uniform look, and modern security features, starting July next year.

According to Ministry of Road Transport officials, the process has already been put into motion, and it won’t cost the government more than Rs. 15-20 per license/certificate for the up-gradation process.

Driving Licenses to be Uniform across India

Driving Licenses to be Uniform across India

A uniform look, and modern technology

The new, ‘smart’ DLs and RCs will not just have a uniform look, color, and design across all states and Union Territories (UTs) but will also be equipped with modern technology for both security and convenience. The smart DLs and RCs, with embedded chips, will come with QR codes as well as near-field communications (NFC) technology for convenience of traffic handlers.

Details about the New Driving Licenses

Apart from a driver’s details, the new DLs will display the logos of national and state governments, as well as of the issuing authority.

Perhaps, most notably, the DLs will also feature a declaration on whether the license holder has agreed to donate his/her organs.

QR codes and NFC technology will allow traffic handlers to easily access details using hand-held devices.

New RCs will contain information about emission norms too

Meanwhile, the new vehicle registration certificates (RCs) will describe whether a vehicle has been registered for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Additionally, the smart RCs will also contain information about the vehicle number and chassis number, along with fuel and emission norms.

Notably, the inclusion of emission norms will allow pollution tests to be carried out objectively, without the opinion of the car owner.

So, how will the government replace the old DLs, RCs?

As it stands, current data indicates that around 9.6 lakh driving licenses, and around 13 lakh registration certificates are issued or renewed every month.

The Transport Ministry intends to use this to gradually replace the old cards.

As people come in with applications for new DLs, or RCs, or seeking to renew their older ones, the new DLs and RCs will be issued.

Source: https://goo.gl/f7qBZU

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