TruckSuvidha Honouring Indian Truck Drivers

Yamuna Nagar Truck Drivers awarded with Honour Award on the launching date of USTAD- Slogan Writing Competition organized by team TruckSuvidha.

TruckSuvidha, brand of Sarvodaya Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has initiated a campaign named “USTAD” in association with CRRI (Central Road Research Institute). The name USTAD has been chosen because in earlier times, truck drivers are recalled with the name of USTAD. This campaign is divided into two parts, Slogan writing competition and truck driver awareness programme.

TruckSuvidha Honouring Indian Truck Drivers

TruckSuvidha Honouring Indian Truck Drivers

Main objective behind organizing this campaign is to again revive the trend of slogan written behind trucks which is rarely seen now a days. These slogans are just not a part of decoration but also spread a meaningful informational message to the society. Not only this, through this campaign, we want to aware society about the challenges in the life of Indian truck driver and give educational information on road safety rules.

On the launching date of campaign, Truck Drivers were awarded with “Pagdi and Honour Award” by the team TruckSuvidha. It was a very successful event. All the truck drivers were very happy that this campaign has been organised for honouring them. Truck Drivers has taken active part in the event and shared their problems which they usually face in their daily life. Samey Singh Kamboj (Truck Driver) shared that “they had no choice except to transport overloaded material. If we refuse, then someone else will be ready to transport that material”. Mangal, another truck driver shared that “In India there is no respect of Indian truck drivers. In foreign, truck driver get fully respect for his profession but in India, Police and general public see us as a doubt. If there is an accident on road then no one blame car driver. Everyone blames us”. Shamudeen (Truck Driver) Said that “our income is not enough that we can fulfil the needs of our family”. Not only this, they also shared their slogan on road safety and Indian trucks to educate society about safety rules.

This campaign of Slogan writing competition has been started on 1st July 2018. This campaign is open for everyone who is citizen of India.People can participate in the slogan competition by writing the slogans on Road Safety, Life of Indian Truck Driver and Indian Trucks and submitted their slogan on campaign website Entries are open till 15th September 2018. Participants who wrote meaningful slogan are recognized at the end of the campaign. Best three slogans will be awarded with the cash prize of Rs. 21000, Rs. 11000 and Rs. 5000. Also, Top 50 participants will get gift hampers as consolation prizes and e-certificates to all the participants.

About TruckSuvidha

TruckSuvidha, initiator of this campaign is working for the betterment of trucking industry from last 4 years. It is running their own web portal where it display the real time information of available trucks and loads. It also offers GPS-vehicle tracking service, Fastag and Trucking software to digitalize the working of Trucking Industry. In 2017, it had started a campaign “Sarthi Suvidha” on Road Safety and knowledge of Traffic rules.

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