Online transport office-Vahan

The transport department on Tuesday completed the task of computerising all 38 district transport offices (DTO) in the state and integrating it with Vahan, an integrated vehicle registration software with pan-India applications.

The mammoth exercise was started last month and involved migrating data related to around 35 lakh vehicles – registered with the transport department over the last 15 years – in the central server. Previously, all vital data connected to automobiles were stored with DTOs, and were offline.

“It was a difficult task and we have completed it by making Bhojpur DTO online. We had to ensure high-speed internet to all the offices for the purpose. Making all DTOs online will go a long way in law and tax enforcement. Data related to all district transport offices can be seen on real time basis,” state transport secretary Sanjay Kumar Agarwal told The Telegraph.

“What made it more difficult was that of 7 lakh vehicles sold in a year in the state, 2.5 lakh were constantly pending for registration for lack of manpower. We overcame this difficulty too,” Sanjay said.

The transport secretary said now information about vehicles will be available to the people, as well as, government agencies on “anytime anywhere” basis.

Online transport office-Vahan

Online transport office-Vahan

Vahan by the Union ministry of road transport and highways (MORTH) is a highly flexible and comprehensive system that has been envisaged to take care of all burdensome activities related to vehicle transportation so that the transport department can deal with important business issues.

The software enables easy computerization of processes related to vehicle registration, fitness, taxes, permits and enforcement. It has been conceptualized as a facility to capture and correlate these government functions by central and state motor vehicle regulations.

Services incorporated under Vahan include registration of vehicles and their renewal, transfer of ownership, change of address, permit, taxes, fitness of vehicles and enforcement of the rules.

A unique feature of the software is homologation, under which automobile manufacturers will feed all data related to vehicles and certify or approve that the product meets regulatory standards, specifications, safety and technical requirements.

“A major achievement of integrating the transport department with Vahan will be that information about any vehicle can be gathered by just keying in the registration or chassis or engine number or other such details,” Sanjay said.

The transport secretary added that the department will now move to computerize and upload details about vehicles that are more than 15 year old so that the legacy data about automobiles across the state is also available.

He also said that the move will allow vehicle dealers to pay taxes online on behalf of customers, with the help of user ID and passwords allotted to them.


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