TruckSuvidha celebrating its 3rd anniversary

Every passing year reminds about the efforts and the initiatives being taken by TruckSuvidha and regularly stabilizing itself in the market against all odds. With every small success or a new launch, company moves towards a new phase where they are now looking for expansions and increasing their reach to masses.



1st September 2017, Yamunanagar, India- TruckSuvidha proudly announces its successful completion of three years. In an era when most of the transportation portals come and go, TruckSuvidha with its dynamic and analytical approach able to cope up with the environment. TruckSuvidha has achieved quality in its sector and able to deliver what actually is expected by the customer.

TruckSuvidha began its operations in 2014, when Mr. Amit Punaini and Mr. Ishu Bansal, Founders of the company, started bringing an evolutionary change in Indian Transportation Sector by bringing it online. TruckSuvidha, an online portal was developed to bring ease in day to day transportation operations.

In its early operations, TruckSuvidha has to undergo deep research to understand the market scenario and then came with a solution being acceptable by all. Here in TruckSuvidha, they do not act like transporters; they are working as a linking node between the customer and the transporter/truck operator. This is completely new concept which is being accepted widely. Its acceptance has been shown by the growing numbers of transporters, truck operators, fleet owners and customers in these three years.

TruckSuvidha brings India’s first Transport directory, to facilitate all transporters and to get better access. It comes up with Distance Calculator. It makes its users updated with latest transportation news through its blog and other social networking platforms. TruckSuvidha always tries to be ahead by connecting and updating its users with latest technology with GPS. It aims at awaring truck drivers through social media, about their rights and new technologies being introduced in the market for their benefit.

TruckSuvidha had come up with many initiatives like Saarthi Suvidha to educate people about the traffic rules and to help them in keeping safe. TruckSuvidha in its every step tries to bring reform in transportation sector of India, by bringing TruckSuvidha App or by launching Toll calculator or connecting with Fas Tag.

TruckSuvidha App proved to be a milestone on this road as it makes usability of online transportation portal very easy and increases user interface with these services. Now user can easily check the load or truck availability through this App on their mobile and book truck through App like a Cab. TruckSuvidha has also come up with a Quotation Model to give its users additional benefit of quoting the rate and get the best deals.

In these three years TruckSuvidha has showcased its presence at many platforms and proved- the quality of idea, quality of deliverance, quality of excellence and much more. Working without any outside funding i.e… A completely self-funded company being operational Pan India started with one office at Yamunanagar (Haryana), now having 11 offices with the name of TruckSuvidha Kendra across different states like Bikaner (Rajasthan), Ramdev (Kanpur), Bokaro (Jharkhand) and many more with Head Office at Yamunanagar (Haryana). This shows strategic presence of TruckSuvidha throughout the nation.

TruckSuvidha is now evolving from that introductory phase and going to enter the era where they are now concentrating on expansion as this is the time to shoot up and use the experience being gained in past years. Here at TruckSuvidha, we are celebrating Three years of success and looking for more such years ahead with our satisfied customers retained and increased with our platform.

Hopefully our efforts would bring spring in the transportation sector of India and help in the transformation which is our main motto and our Tagline of Thinking Ahead…..


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